Transport or Receiving


Hawkins Family Funeral Home can provide you with an easy and carefully planned transportation service for your loved one.

  • Transportation for International, Out of State and Mexico
  • Prepare all necessary documents for transporting
  • Translate all documents for the Mexican Consulate Office
  • Arrange transporting by Air Travel or Ground Transportation

We can help with forwarding of remains to another funeral home/funeral director which includes removal of remains, services of staff, embalming, securing doctor’s certificate and necessary permits, to where a family does all arrangements through our facility and then we handle the arrangements that need to be made.

We allow receiving of remains from another funeral home out of state or in state that is already casketed to where we can provide local services for the family weather it’s at a local cemetery, church or our chapel.

Please call or stop by for pricing or questions about the services we offer.

Address: 2711 Jacksboro Highway, Fort Worth, TX, 76114
Phone: (682) 255-0535 (calls received and answered 24/7).

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